Bringing together designers, entrepreneurs and developers.

Our goal is to bring together students from all walks of life to create great software and technology. Our focus is to bring together designers, entrepreneurs and developers.
EmTech Hack is a holistic competition that brings top tier talent from across professions to bring fresh perspectives on AI, VR, Blockchain, and IoT. We equip students with the tools they need to build sustainable and scalable software and businesses. By training our attendees in software architecture, ethical design, cyber-security and business management we prepare them to achieve their visions.

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$2,100 in prizes

1st Place - Oculus Quest (One For Each Winner)

2nd Place - Nintendo Switch Lite (One For Each Winner)

3rd Place - DJI Tello Programmable Drones (One For Each Winner)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


  • Participants: Individuals (over 18 years in age) pursuing any kind of higher education in colleges or universities


  • Schedule:


    9:00 am

    Hacker Sign In

    10:00 am

    Walk-In Registration

    10:30 am

    Opening Ceremonies

    11:00 am

    Begin Hacking

    1:00 pm


    1:00 pm

    Shardus Networking Session

    2:00 pm

    Shardus Event Presentation

    5:30 pm


    6:00 pm

    Intro to Git Workshop

    9:30 pm

    Intro to Amazon Web Services

    8:00 am


    11:00 am

    Hacking Ends

    12:00 pm


    1:00 pm


    3:00 pm

    Awards & Prizes


Teams are created to come together and brainstorm. In a 24 hour time-frame, these teams will work towards accomplishing the challenge statements, build MVPs and develop business plans for their projects. After the hacking ends, each team will pitch their idea to our esteemed judges who will select the best projects and award prizes to the winners.


Michael Lewellen

Michael Lewellen
Tarski Technolgies

Humza Shazad

Humza Shazad
Tarski Technologies

Jessica Vittorio

Jessica Vittorio
The Law Office of Jessica Vittorio

Naveed Haque

Naveed Haque

John Anderson

John Anderson
Code Authority

Austin Akers

Austin Akers

Jaser Akuly

Jaser Akuly

Stephen Ellis

Stephen Ellis
Plymouth AI

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    How does the project creatively analyze or define the problem?
  • Business Value
    What investment opportunities does it create?
  • Innovation
    How does it utilize innovative technologies or ideas to solve the problem?
  • Design
    Does the project implement good design principles?
  • Functionality
    Are the working parts of the project viable?